A book about horsetraining

The story behind the story

In April 2024, a dream will come true for me: The story of my young Icelandic horse Helgi’s first year of training will be published in book form.


The book (which is written in German but may be published in English at some later time) tells of the successes and setbacks that Helgi and I went through during that first year of training. It details the advice my trainer Johanna Tryggvason gave me throughout the year, to help me shape my young, barely ridden horse into a solid partner who is game for anything I care to suggest.


Written down, this sounds easy – but let me tell you that both Helgi’s training, and the writing process for the book posed quite a few challenges. On this blog, I will write about those challenges, and, of course, also about the successes and happy moments of that wonderful time.


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