Horsetraining Handbook

The story behind the story, part six: Making-of
Horsetraining Handbook · 26. April 2024
Getting a book ready for the printers involves a lot of steps of preparation. I was lucky in that my editor involved me in every one of those steps, turning the process into quite an exciting experience for me. Here is how my book developed from a raw manuscript to a finished product, ready to be printed.

The story behind the story, part five: After the editor's call
Horsetraining Handbook · 12. April 2024
I get the call every author desperately hopes for: An editor of a renowned publisher wants to publish my book on training my young Icelandic horse Helgi. A happy ending? Not quite yet, it turns out. Here is the story of the bumpy road from that call to the point where the book gets turned in to the editor.

The story behind the story, part four: On (not) finding a publisher
Horsetraining Handbook · 29. March 2024
Finding a publisher for the book is proving difficult. A leisure rider's view on training a young horse is a rather specialized topic, after all. I soon start to doubt whether the book will ever be published. Here's the story of a long and sometimes frustrating search for the right publisher.

The story behind the story, part three: It’s finished. Or is it?
Horsetraining Handbook · 15. March 2024
Having written and edited (and edited, and edited) the book, now the next phase starts: Getting feedback from beta readers. A nerve-wrecking process, let me tell you!

The story behind the story, part two: Writing the thing
Horsetraining Handbook · 01. March 2024
How do you turn an untidy heap of notes about training a young Icelandic horse into a readable book? This installment tells you how, over the course of almost a year, said heap slowly turned into the first draft of an actual book.

The story behind the story, part one: Conception
Horsetraining Handbook · 16. February 2024
Writing a book about training my young Icelandic horse Helgi was an exciting project. Also, much easier said than done! This installment tells you how the idea was conceived, and what pitfalls my Trainer Johanna Tryggvason and I encountered during the first year of Helgi's training - the year the book is about.

A book about horsetraining
Horsetraining Handbook · 26. January 2024
In April 2024, a dream will come true for me: The story of my young Icelandic horse Helgi’s first year of training will be published in book form. On this blog, I will write about both the Helgi's training, and the process of writing the book.