Rules of Engagement

In this blog, I write about my personal, very subjective thoughts and experiences as a leisure rider. I am interested in hearing about other leisure riders’ just as subjective thoughts and experiences in return.



The time and energy I am able and willing to spend on moderating comments is limited though, and I do not wish to let my blog degenerate in to a public battlefield. Which, this being the internet, will probably happen if this blogs ever gains a following of more than a few people.



Thus, comments will be open for some of the blog posts, some of the time, and I will keep an eye on the responses posted there.





Here are the DOs and DON’Ts I will enforce in my posts' comments sections:



DO feel free to write about your own, personal experiences and thoughts on the blog post’s topic.


DO NOT leave off-topic comments, blatant ads for your own projects, or other spam.



DO keep in mind that we all want the best for our horses, human and fallible though we are.
Yes, all of us. Including you. Including me.


DO NOT try to push your opinion as The One True Way.



DO give other people (including, but not limited to me) the benefit of the doubt.

DO tell us why something does or does not work for you that I said works for me.


DO NOT attack anyone (included, but not limited to me) for holding an opinion that you don’t agree with.



If you feel attacked by another commenter (or me), DO feel free to let me know via the Contact form.


DO NOT publicly engage with the offending post or comment in the comment section.



DO keep in mind that this is my space, and I will enforce my rules as I see fit.
Specifically, I will remove any comments that I feel violate these rules, without either explanation or appeal.


If you do not agree with these rules, DO find a space that you feel more at home in, or create your own space where you can enforce your own rules.


DO NOT try to push your own ideas about what the rules should be on this space.