Helgi's Life

An Unplanned Excursion in the Snow
Helgi's Life · 22. March 2024
What happens if the rider fails to check the fence before letting the horses out to enjoy an afternoon in the snow? You guessed - the horse grabs the opportunity and canters off. At least he does, if he is named Helgi. Here's the story about an unplanned adventure, which fortunately had a happy ending.

Companionable Moments
Helgi's Life · 23. February 2024
I enjoy riding my Icelandic horses. Doing liberty work with them is a lot of fun, and I love practicing circus tricks with them. But it's the quiet times, the little moments of companionship, that make my heart warm the most. Here's an account of a sunny afternoon when Helgi and I spent half an hour just enjoying each other's company.

Finding a soul horse's successor
Helgi's Life · 12. January 2024
How do you find a successor for the one horse that fit you in every way, was your four-legged friend in good times and bad? Somehow, when my soul horse Tandri died, I managed to bumble my way into finding a horse that could take his place. Here is how that happened.