Companionable Moments

Enjoying each other's company

A sunny afternoon with my Icelandic horses

A Sunny Sunday

Around noon on a sunny September Sunday. The horses are fresh in from the field, contentedly chewing their hay in the stable. I’m outside in the paddock, shoveling manure. The sun is warming my back, and the physical work is soothing after a busy week at the office.


Hoof steps sound behind me. I turn to see Helgi walk out from the stable, joining me at the wheelbarrow. I briefly scratch his ears and return to my work. Helgi shifts his weight onto one hind leg and his eyes drift almost close. I keep shoveling, carefully moving around him, while my horse drifts into a doze, trusting me to watch over his sleep.


Good Company

When the paddock is clean, I need to maneuver a bit to get the wheelbarrow out from under his lowered head. Helgi doesn’t move, still dozing and completely relaxed. I succeed in getting the wheelbarrow out and emptied without waking him, and go sit on a little stone wall that lines our paddock. The sun warms my face, and the sight of my dozing horse warms my heart.

After a while, Helgi wakes up and sees me sitting there. He walks over and snuffs my face, then my hands. His head moves suggestively into position to be scratched, and I comply.

Companionable moments with Icelandic horse Helgi

A story about a wonderful moment with my horses

A Good Scratch

The next few minutes go by with me obediently scratching his face, ears and neck as he presents them.


When his various itches have been taken care off, he pulls his head away from my scratching hands, and we spend another few minutes just enjoying each other’s company. Then he goes back in and rejoins his herd mates at the hay.


I stay outside, the sun still on my face, and contemplate the fact that I am one lucky woman.


The Most Valuable Moments

I love working with my horses. I love riding, and I love doing liberty work with them even more.

On a balmy day like this, I even enjoy cleaning the paddock.


But what I love most are the companionable moments like this one, the moments when Helgi shows me that he enjoys my company almost as much as I enjoy his.


An entry in the Icelandic horse diary

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