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Tandri's First Circus Trick
Tandri's Adventures · 08. March 2024
Tandri loved doing circus tricks. He'd spend hours enthusiastically doing tricks to earn his treats, repeating them until everyone but him was tired of them. Here's how he learned his first trick, fetching the bucket.

A hazardous trail ride
Tandri's Adventures · 09. February 2024
Who'd have thought that little house cats are horse-eating monsters? A story with a moral: Don't let your mind wander when you're on your first solo trail ride with your young Icelandic horse. You might end up in the dirt, which will shock the poor horse more than it does you.

Eulogy for a Beloved Friend
Tandri's Adventures · 12. May 2018
Icelandic horse Tandri was loving, annoying, cheeky, adventurous, timid, importunate, endearing, exasperating, and lovable - all wrapped up in one treasured, matchless package. This is his eulogy, and a story celebrating his quirks.